A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Created as part of TwitchCon 2018's "Year of Collaboration" presentation, this game is the result the hard work and incredible collaborative effort of a group of amazing Twitch Creators:

twitch.tv/QaziTV  -  Game Development
A talented programmer and game developer whose genius is matched only by his passion for creating awesome games. 

twitch.tv/Maliveth  -  Background/Environment Illustration & Design
A talented, inspiring, and generally awesome artist & illustrator.

twitch.tv/Shticky  -  Character Illustration & Design
An amazingly talented and prolific artist with deep roots in the Twitch Creative community.

twitch.tv/Imperialgrrl  -  Costume Design & Fabrication
A ridiculously skilled and passionate cosplay designer, crafter, & seamstress

twitch.tv/BanzaiBaby  -  Concept, Art Direction, Prop Design & Fabrication
A multi-talented creative powerhouse, able to design and craft just about anything, and does so with bursting enthusiasm and a passion for fun, positive interaction.

twitch.tv/88bitmusic  -  Concept, Script, Original Music and Sound Design
An insanely talented professional musician and overall creative mastermind.

twitch.tv/FuturemanGaming  -  Playable Character
Futureman and his super advanced Future Ship, continue his quest using the N.E.R.F. System to protect the gamers of this world... FOR THE FUTURE!

twitch.tv/trihex  -  Playable Character
An American professional gamer and speedrunner. Active at the biannual Games Done Quick events, Trihex is best known for his runs of Jet Set Radio and Yoshi's Island.

twitch.tv/BirdCircus - Producer
Just some guy who did his best to help this thing get made. <3

The entire team behind this game thanks you and hopes you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it. We hope that it inspires you to collaborate with others to bring your ideas to life and make something special and unique!


TwitchTheMovieTheGame Win32.zip 101 MB
TwitchTheMovieTheGame OSX.zip 104 MB